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Freshers week newsletter

posted 5 Oct 2011, 03:49 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 5 Oct 2011, 03:50 ]

Welcome back after what we hope was a good summer for you all!

Freshers week

Tomorrow (Wednesday 5th) we will be having our showcase in the new pool at 1.45pm til 3.45pm. We are planning on bringing the duo, playboat or squirt boat etc as well as the normal pool boats to show the freshers what we get up to! So feel free to come down and get in the water (as long as you are an existing member), as it’s also a chance to get your swim test done, and you can see what the shiny new pool is like!

The freshers fair is on Thursday and we will have members of the exec on a stall and also outside giving out handouts. If you would like to come down and help us give out the handouts and tell people about the wonderful times you have had with LUCC please feel free! If you wish to do that come and meet us at around 12pm outside the great hall.

Friday (7th) will be when we are holding the swim test for existing members. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 7.45am and it will continue until 9.


Pool sessions

Our first proper pool session will be on Monday 10th and the times are as follows

Monday: 7.45am – 9am

Tuesday: 7.45am – 9am

Friday: 7.45am – 9 am

Sunday: 5.45pm – 7pm (although this time may be subject to change after two or so weeks)

For the first few weeks all the sessions will be based on general skills to get the freshers up to a decent level, and then after that they will split again into canoe polo and river skills.


Safety talk and social

This notice is a week in advance just to make sure you get it in your diaries and are able to attend! The safety talk will be next Wednesday (12th) at 6.30pm in Frankland LT. A free Beer/Cider/Alcoholic drink or a non-alcoholic soft drink will be provided to keep you entertained throughout! The 3 legged bar crawl will then follow after this where will be going around campus and then into town!


River trips

Our first club trip will be next Saturday (15th) and will be the paddle to the pub. Further details and sign up will be coming later, this is just to give you a heads up!



For any qualifications you claim to have we will now need a photocopy/scanned file for the purposes of going on the database. So if you could send them either to the clubs email address or directly to Rachel Ward it would be much appreciated!


Safety officer Hustings

The hustings will take part in week 2, but this is just a little announcement to drum up some interest. It would obviously look great on your CV and you would only have to do it for a term so it’s well worth thinking about!


Driving for the club

If you drive for the club, or are thinking about doing so, it is worth knowing that every time you renew your tax or insurance, the new details need to be given into the AU office so that you are always fully registered with them.


We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


Much love,


The Exec x