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Newsletter - Week 13

posted 1 Feb 2011, 08:04 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 3 Feb 2011, 08:49 ]
LUCC Safety Video- Boat It

Pool Sessions


POLO: Monday, 7.45-8.45am
POLO: Friday, 7.45-8.30am

RIVER SKILLS: Tuesday, 7.45-8.30am
RIVER SKILLS: Sunday, 5-6.15pm  >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cancelled

POLO FITNESS SESSION: Tuesday, 6pm-7pm, Circuits - Cost: £1.80

Meet inside the sports centre at 5.50pm. IMPORTANT for polo players, but everyone is welcome!

See the polo forum each week for training details.


River Trips

There are no trips arranged so far for this week, due to the White Water Safety & Rescue course running this weekend.


Wednesday: Campus bar crawl after Hustings have finished! Meet in Furness LT 2, 7pm 

Montane Jackets & Hoodies

Montane Jackets and Hoodies have now been ordered. We should get a definate price by the end of the week, so you can pay the club.


BUCS Slalom


Sign up for slalom is now on the Rivers forum.

If you like paddling, and spinning around poles, this is the competition for you!

Date: 26th/27th February

Cost: £7

Deadline: Monday 7th February



NAKED (..I mean National) Student Rodeo 2011 - aka NSR

Sign up for NSR is up on the Rivers forum!

For those of you who have not experienced this - it is amazing.

A weekend competition for free style, play boating, and swimming in style!

Date: 4th-6th March

Cost: £50 (see forum for what it includes)



Exec Hustings


Exec hustings will take place on Wednesday 2nd February, Furness Lt 2, at 7pm.

This is your chance to question and vote for people you think will be suitable for the next comittee!

We need a good turn out for this, so please, everyone turn up who can!

The social will begin here after everything is finished, if that can convince you to come...



Settling Your Debts...


Do you owe the club money, or does the club owe you money? Try and get this sorted with Chris before the Exec changes over so there is no confusion when the new Treasurer takes position. Please get any receipts to Chris and send/give him any money you may owe.



Much love and stuff,

The Exec

x x x x