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Newsletter - Week 3

posted 27 Oct 2010, 04:45 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 28 Oct 2010, 01:19 ]


Wednesday: This trip has been cancelled sorry.
Saturday/Sunday: Keep an eye out on the forum for updates. 
See the river trips forum for more details

 Polo Talk

Wednesday 27th October (week 3)
Furness LT 2 
This is a chance for the rules and game to be explained to those who want to learn to play. It will also cover different tactics that can be used, which will make the game easier to understand. All are welcome!

 Discount Night – Buy your own kit from Brookbank!

Thursday 28th October
Sports Centre 
Leaving 6.20pm in taxis 
Sign up on the socials forum if you’re interested!


FOA – Polo Tournament

Sunday 31st October
Are you interested in playing polo for real and not just in the pool sessions? Then FOA is for you! You can use all those skills you’ve been learning in a real tournament! This tournament continues all thorugh the year so even if you can;t make it this time, there are other times you can play.
See the polo forum for more details.
Basic River Skills (White water) Talk (week 4) 
Monday 1st November 
Furness LT 2 
This is a chance to learn how to get down a river without a problem – what moves to use where and how, what things are important to avoid on rivers, and regular signals that are used on trips. This is an important talk – everyone is welcome to attend but it is compulsory for people wishing to attend Tyne Tour!


For all of you interested – you should have signed a piece of paper that Ben has been carrying around so you can go! Money should all be in to Mr Hanson by now too!
See the river trips forum for more details

BUCS White Water Race

If you think you’ll enjoy a weekend of white water racing and then some partying then sign up now on the forum! Final deadline is this weekend!
See the river competitions forum for more details

Much love and stuff,

The Exec 

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