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Newsletter Week 20

posted 20 Mar 2012, 02:30 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 20 Mar 2012, 04:44 ]

As this is the last week of term, there will be no river trip this weekend. We look forward to doing some more trips next term!


I know most people are under exam pressures this week, but we will be holding a social on Tuesday night at the Pendle Witch. It's a chance for cheap food and drink! Meet at the chaplaincy bus stop at 7.10 or in town at 7.30.


There will be no training this Tuesday because of the social. However, for those going to BUCS, there will be polo training commencing the week of the 16th April. This also includes a session on the canal. This will be a chance for some skill and fitness practice, but will also be a good team bonding experience. 

Rash Vests

Club Rash Vests go on sale this week. They'll be the same design as last year (Red Rose on the back, Lancaster down one sleeve and initial on the other) but they will have LUCC on the chest (left side). They're thermal and can be ordered in either long or short sleeves. Cost £18. polo players are encouraged to buy one or use last years one for BUCS. They are Ideal for pool sessions! The details are on the forum and if you would like to see one in the flesh, contact Laura. the order needs to be sent off by the end of the week - sorry for the rush!

For those of you who still owe the club money we are naming and shaming! Those of you who owe money are:
 Name ReasonTotal Amount Owed to the Club Payment Due  
 Dave     Tyne Tour, Christmas Meal, Presidents Trip, plus outstanding debts from last year. £121/£200 31st March
 Matt S Tyne Tour, Christmas Meal, Presidents Trip, NSR. £178.50 1st April
 Aileen Tyne Tour, Christmas Meal, Presidents Trip, NSR. £175.50 23rd April (loan day)
 Rory                     Lifeguard Course. £164 To be arranged
 Rosie Tyne Tour, Christmas Meal (minus petrol) £27.49 To be arranged
   = £666.49/£745.49 
For any future river trip or competition, money has to be paid before or bring a cheque on the day of the trip. Anyone who fails to do this will not be allowed to go on trips. For those people who are going to BUCS please pay Laura this week or on the day we leave. She is fairly easy to get hold of, so failure to do so means that you will not be competing. Prices for BUCS will be on the forum. Please contact any of the exec if you have any problems. 

Pool session this sunday is cancelled due to it being the end of term. 

Much love,

The Exec x