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Newsletter week 4

posted 1 Nov 2011, 00:50 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 1 Nov 2011, 00:50 ]

This week pool sessions will be as normal with the exception of the Sunday session which will NOT be on due to the fact that all our club lifeguards will be on their way back from Tyne tour


Wednesday – On Wednesday 2nd November we will be having a trip to Halton rapids now that they are open! If you are going to Tyne tour but have not yet been on a river it is very important that you come to this! The trip will be leaving from the old sports centre at just after 1pm, but if you have a lab until then/a bit later just let us know when you sign up and we might be able to do later shuttles.


It is almost Tyne tour! So if you have signed up keep checking the forum later this week for details on your car group, time you will be leaving, what to take etc. Also, make sure you have paid your money to Rhys asap!


This weeks social on Wednesday is the Brookbank discount night. Details for transport are now edited onto Bridgets original post so make sure you check it out if you don't want to be walking!


This weeks training is going to be circuits. This is tonight (1/11/2011) and will be on from 6 til 7 but you do need to book so if you go on the forum Rachel Ward has put the link to book on her post.


3* assessment. On the third of December there is the chance to do your BCU 3 star assessment. It will be a 9am meet at the old sports centre and will take a full day. If you aren't sure you're good enough just ask a member of the exec or a member of safety. There is only roomj for 10 people on the course so get signed up quickly!


FOA – Sign up for this is still open until the 4th of November, even if you are a fresher feel free to sign up for this as it's great fun and it's a good way to get some experience in a friendly competition.

Much love,

The Exec x