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Newsletter week 6

posted 14 Nov 2011, 09:48 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 14 Nov 2011, 09:48 ]

Pool sessions

In addition to our normal sessions this week the official opening of the sports centre is on Thursday and we have been given the pool between 11.30 and 12.15pm to show off for a bit/have a mess around so if you’ve got a break between lectures/nothing else to do, feel free to pop down and join in!


This Saturday we are planning on running a beginner trip either to Halton rapids or another local river (dependant on water levels) The sign up is on the forum and more details will be added later on.

Also, just a reminder to everyone that you should have paid for Tyne tour by now, and if you haven’t you need to get your money to Rhys asap, the full cost of the weekend was £50


This week we are heading to the Carleton! We will be meeting at 8pm in Pendle bar and visiting a few campus bars before catching an 11pmish bus to the Carleton. You have to buy your own tickets for this and you can get them for about £3 from the LUSU shop next to the spar.

There is also a sign up on the forum for next week’s social which will be bowling and lazerquest. On Thursday 24th we will be picking up from campus at 6.00pm from the new sports centre and picking up from town at 6.20pm from the infirmary bus stop. We will be having two games of bowling and two games of lazerquest so it should cost around £10.50 and bring some extra money for fuel.

Hoodys and Montanes

The online shop for the hoodys has been set up and should be opening at some point tomorrow. If you wish to purchase a hoody there is an information post on the forum in Announcements now which will tell you how to access it and what to do.

The Montanes are being done separately and will just be sorted out over the forum, so if you wish to buy one the post will be going up tonight so you can sign up on there.

The online shop/sign up will be open for two weeks and will shut on the 28th of November.


Fitness – This Tuesday we’re going for a swim. We will be meeting at 5.50pm in the sports centre foyer and will be finishing at 7pm. This will cost £3.60, although we do have some free taster session leaflets that the sports centre gave out a while ago if you have no membership and would like to use one.

First aid refresher - This will be following straight on from the fitness session and will be held from 7pm til 8pm in the training room of the new sports centre. This is for everyone with a current first aid qualification and it really is important to keep up to date incase you do ever have to use it… There may be a very small cost to cover the room hire but that is tbc. We will be meeting in the foyer for anyone that doesn’t know where the training room is.


FOA – The sign up for the next FOA will be on the forum within the next few days. It will be held on Sunday the 11th of December so make a note to keep that day free!

Much love,

The Exec x