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Newsletter week 7

posted 21 Nov 2011, 14:11 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 21 Nov 2011, 14:11 ]


Wednesday trip – As BUCS WWR is on this weekend this is a chance for anyone competing to have a practice in the wavehoppers/c1. Non-WWR race entrants are more than welcome to come along too if there is space, however priority will be given to those going this weekend. Sign up is on the forum and it will be a 1pm meet at the old sports centre.

Sorry to say there will be no weekend trip this week as the majority of our Safety/drivers are away.

River safety talk – This Wednesday we are putting on a River safety talk and this is really important for anyone new to the club as it will cover stuff which will help keep you safe and you might even get to see a video of a few of us doing things very badly… It will be in Furness LT 2 at 6.30pm and we will probably go for a few drinks or something after.


This THURSDAY we are going Bowling and then to Lazerquest! If you wanted to come you should have already signed up on the forum. Transport details have now changed slightly as we no longer have the minibus but we will have enough drivers so everyone signed up can still go, just keep an eye on the forum for more details. It should cost about £10.50 for both bowling and lazerquest, but please bring some extra money for fuel


WWR – There will soon be a post up on the forum confirming the final details for kit/leaving times so keep an eye out for that. There should be a pick up from campus and another from town for anyone in the minibus around 5.30ish, the van will be leaving slightly earlier.

FOA – The sign up for the next FOA closes on the 28th of November. It will be on the 11th of December and it is a good chance to play a bit of friendly polo in a tournament and practice the skills we have been learning in the pool.


This Tuesday we are doing a circuits class. It runs from 6 til 7pm and we will meet at 5.50pm outside/in the foyer of the sports centre. You will need to book online for this, the link is on the forum post.

Hoodys and Montanes

There is just under a week left to order your Hoodys or Montanes, the details are on posts in the Announcements section of the forum. There are a few people who bought the Montanes last year so if you want to try one out for size/see how awesomely warm they are, ask me (Rachel H) and I can point you in the direction of someone who has one!

Safety & Equipment

Kit recall: If you have any club safety kit/equipment in your boats/car/house if you could return it by the end of week 8 (Friday 2nd) that would be much appreciated as we are doing an inventory/getting everything labelled up properly.

Forum: You may have noticed we now have a new section on the forum for kit. One subforum for any lost or found kit, another for private sales, and another for any club kit which you use and breaks/ is already broken so we can keep up to date and get it fixed.

Much Love,

The Exec x