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Week 5

posted 6 Nov 2012, 06:58 by Lancaster University Canoe Club   [ updated 6 Nov 2012, 06:59 ]
Newsletter Week 5 - 5th November
This weeks social will be on Thursday and will be a film night at Rhys and Dave's house (3 Kirkes Road). It is a pajama and onesie evening so come in your comfy clothes, we didn't want anything too extreme after Tyne Tour. It starts at 7:30pm, make sure you bring snacks and DVDs! More information is on the forum. 

River trip
This weeks river trip will be an advanced trip. Contact Phil about the plan, or if you want to check if your an advanced paddler. 

If you went on Tyne Tour and haven't already done so you need to pay Laura money for the trip! It is £45 and can be paid in cash or over the internet. 

If you are going to pay over the internet please can you state your name on the payment and drop Laura a message to say you've paid. Alternatively, you can pay Laura after a pool session, social or whenever you can get hold of her. Please pay up as soon as possible, you don't want Laura to chase you for the money! 

All drivers from Tyne Tour, please give Laura receipts to claim back for petrol!

Fixing Carbons
If anyone fancies learning how to fix the Carbon polo boats then get in contact with someone on the exec or Jonny. We would very much appreciate any help! 
Also, we have some shiny new carbons, thanks to Laura and Ollie for getting them! If you want to have a go in them, get involved in polo!